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Solving technical problems to shorten the gap between China's spray drying equipment and foreign countries
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With the rapid development of China's economy, the enterprise demand for new drying technology amount increasing, however, China's current drying technology progress, the overall technical level is still lagging behind, it is difficult to meet the relevant industry due to the economic development and optimization of product structure and new product development needs. Most of the pharmaceutical, biochemical and fine chemical industries in China are still using the vacuum entrainment and heating operation to produce liquid materials that are easy to oxidise and contain organic solvents.

The application of nitrogen spray drying equipment innovation for heat conduction medium, while the use of closed-circuit circulation technology, combined with the spray drying of continuous production, the maximum solution containing organic solvent liquid materials, technology and materials containing oxidation drying difficult, at the same time continuous drying process using condensation cooling technology to achieve recovery of organic solvent use, based on industrial production to emission reduction, show the resource utilization maximization of circular economy.

For many years, the processing means and equipment of drying equipment in China have been made by traditional handicraft, and the spray drying equipment still has many shortcomings. Experts believe that, in order to shorten the gap with foreign countries, China should improve it only from the intelligentization of equipment, processing means, processing quality and so on.

I was informed that the technology of spray dryer drying equipment Co., Ltd. Changzhou City, the Yangtze River by means of spray method, causes the material to droplet disperse in the hot air flow, full contact materials and hot air, heat and mass transfer process in an instant, the solvent is quickly evaporated into gas, to achieve the purpose of drying. The technology can save the unit operation such as evaporation, crystallization, separation and comminution. It can be produced continuously and automatically, and the operation is stable. The drying method, gas-solid contact surface area, short drying time, usually 5 to 30 seconds, suitable for drying heat sensitive materials. The dried products have good performance, smaller particles, good fluidity and quick solubility. However, it still has some shortcomings, that is, the size of the dryer is large, the heat transfer coefficient is low, and the thermal efficiency is low and the power consumption is large.

The future development of spray dryer will further study the drying mechanism and material drying characteristics, and grasp the optimal operation conditions for different materials, so as to develop and improve spray dryer. In addition, large, high intensity, high economic, and improve the adaptability of raw materials and product quality, is the basic trend of the development of the spray dryer. Meanwhile, the development of spray dryer should also pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of energy and energy, as well as the development of automatic control technology of dryer, so as to ensure the realization of optimal operation conditions.

Unlike the general production industry, the pharmaceutical industry will be more demanding in various aspects. For the production enterprises, the selection of production equipment and so on must meet many standards and requirements. It is also very demanding for the related drug spray drying equipment.

According to the people in the industry, in order to meet the production standards, the pharmaceutical enterprises need to pay close attention to the following problems when choosing the spray drying equipment.

First of all, in the purchase of special pharmaceutical spray dryer, must consider whether it will cause pollution to production of goods, all with material and local hot contact must use stainless steel items in order not to cause pollution, stainless steel grades shall also meet the drug materials used (pH pH) requirements.

Secondly, when purchasing a special pharmaceutical spray dryer, it is necessary to consider whether it can meet the quality requirements of the production. In actual production, it is required that the air entering the tower must be purified before being used. Besides, the running state of the drying tower should be kept in the condition of micro positive pressure. The finished product is output at the bottom of the cone of the drying tower, and then the finished product is collected and distributed in the clean room.

Third, the question to be considered is whether to meet the requirements for environmental protection. As a production enterprise, this is also a very important aspect. When using special spray dryer, enterprises should equip with the corresponding dust removal equipment, so that we can achieve the standard of exhaust emission concentration.

Finally, when the spray drying machine is used for pharmaceutical purpose, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment has a good sealing effect, no new pollution sources are brought, and the inner wall is smooth and smooth, and the structure should also be simplified, easy to clean and reliable.

With the development of the national economy, people's material life quality, for many products not only require the drying, and the final product color, flavor and taste, dissolvability (or cold soluble instant), vitamin activity retention rate and put forward higher requirements, for some of the total yield is also very expensive medicines harsh. Therefore, the spray drying equipment enterprises need to be based on the research and development of the production.
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